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    March 30, 2012


    david mccann

    The Professional Radicals thought and line was used by HHCL in the 90's and is a very strong portent of change.

    The industry is shifting on many fronts, but still needs to re learn its roots in creating interesting ideas that integrate people with brands in the world they live in and not the world we inhabit

    Great piece Gareth


    Probably lost without vo:the start of this was a quasi eulogy to hhcl


    what a cool blog this one! I'm going to share with my facebook friends right now.

    Jeremy Abbett

    Loving the direction and vigor. A couple of years ago I proposed the idea of R&D in an agency which you touched upon.

    Can you expand upon your slides (Communication R&D and 70/20/10) and how you do it at Goodby?

    Hugh Bateman

    brilliant - a refreshing blast of uncommon sense !

    Brant Kennedy

    Great post, very well written! I've bookmarked to return as I see several post titles of interest.

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