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    September 30, 2011



    All this isn't that far from what Planners who are stretched across too many projects or working on clients with tiny budgets have been doing for years. Yay for doing-the-best-you-can-with-the-time-and-budget-available.


    Perhaps gemma but i'm not sure - this is about a chosen approach, not we have no time. it's about speed and agility and getting to better ideas quicker (and not wasting time and effort on the stuff that doesn't work/isn't important).


    You lazy bastard.



    I am surprised to this day by how willing people are to fuss over their adjective soup...

    I urge you to visit Diego Rodriguez's blog, metacool. Diego is a partner at IDEO. His "Innovation Principles" will resonate with you as the approach you outline above shares many similar concerns and objectives. Here's a link to principle #1:

    Brett Macfarlane

    Removing the artificial layer of "consumer research" between the birth of ideas and the real world is a potent idea, terrifying for many. With procurement officers squeezing the last few drops of water out of advertising's rocks there may be business sense to adopt MVP (did you make that acronym on purpose...)

    This morning when the Guardian made their newslist public, as a fortnight experiment ( I wondered how could advertising bring the real world more deeply into the strategic and development process.

    Not in a lazy make our ad for us way. But in a how do we go about making what we make in a different way so we end up with something different or better than before.



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