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    April 18, 2011


    John Dodds

    Spot on, but who said AIDA had to be intrusive?

    John Dodds

    This idea seems to me to be paralleled by Kevin Kelly's stuff about what you need to supply in order to induce users to pay.

    I think much of that could be conflated under the banner of customer service. What do you think?

    Tyler Turnbull

    Nice post.

    Removing friction is something that underpinns many digital start-ups and some of the strongest points on how to review it are in a great article called The Viral Me (link below).

    Your thought about elegant solutions trumping elegant things is spot on.

    The post above referencing Kevin Kelly is intereting as well. Kelly, in What Technology Wants, writes about the Innovation Pyramid and I think applying this process to elegant design is interesting.

    Many brands can think about great experiences but few can execute them with the simplicity requried to spread and succeed.

    Here's a few links to the posts mentioned above:

    Phil Adams

    I trained (well studied) as an engineer.

    And the concept of "elegance" is much beloved in engineering circles.

    Engineering is real-world, applied science. You can't ignore messy, complex, real-world influences on your work.

    You have to embrace the mess and design around and for it.

    In my experience the best planners and creatives embrace the mess too.

    The mess can come from the brand, from contemporary culture, from the fact that the budget doesn't match the ambition, from rules and regulations, or from "stupid" client culture/politics.

    Elegant creative solutions turn messy necessities into virtues.

    The guys who created a lot of British cigarette advertising back in the day knew this.

    And "modern", tech-savvy creative people know this too. Maybe their tech-savviness makes them more like engineers than traditional creatives and therefore more inclined to elegantly embrace the mess.

    Ishmael Vasquez

    Humans are not that complex beings and the fact that advertising (ever) exist is to simplify the message for an specific industry.

    We have all heard "less is more" and "creativity is substraction" but both are easier said than done. Finally ad folk are understanding this concept, but are years away from progress.

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