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    April 17, 2011



    Oddly, on the way back, I read the Vogue @anngelica had purchased and noticed how many fashion ads had QR codes. Firmly 40% of the inserts had the marketing "tramp stamp" of today.

    While I'm quite certain very few peeps are scanning the codes, it made me wonder that if enough brands just do something, will they create a need...kinda like our little WWW.

    Looking forward to the next round!


    (aka: THE dumbest member of our little tribe)


    I have no idea what C&C stands for? Do you mean like the C&C Music Factory?


    Not quite as cool - content and contact. the stuff you do in work hours!


    Thanks for this great post.

    Simple and effective is the hardest but best place to be. I feel like I always start complicating too much, but is the refinement process that brings this simplicity. First start doing a mess and then you organize it.

    How do you reach simplicity?

    I look forward for your presentation at @bdwcu next week!


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