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    November 05, 2010



    Nice work mate, I'm buying this film set right now


    That is utterly brilliant. Nice one, mate.


    Great example of collaboration with client, app developer and, most importantly, user. New ways to involve and inspire are the new ways to influence. Love it.

    Brett T T Macfarlane

    Zero budget projects rarely create something unexceptional. This, is no exception.


    Hey Gareth -
    All I can say is Wow! Fantastic work and love Hipstamatic even more now.


    really nice idea, well done mr kay.


    Love it. We should all do more projects like this. Leads to the best stuff.


    I love the idea, but I'm confused by the execution. The website does a poor job of explaining what the contest is, and the navigation is loopy. If I hadn't read your explanation on this post, I would not have gotten it.

    That said I'm probably going to enter.

    Phil Adams

    Lovely, elegant idea.

    So elegant, smooth and seamless though that I bought the Hipstapak from within the iPhone app without noticing or appreciating any connection with the museum. That's because, like many Hipstamatic users, I've got into the habit of automatically buying and trying every new release without really studying the blurb.

    I guess that doesn't matter too much, given that the revenue generated from the purchase will still go to a worthy cause.

    I would have happily tweeted this or shared this on Facebook if I'd been more aware of the back story.

    This comment is in no way meant to demean the quality of the thinking. Jealous.

    John Keogh

    It's great. There is a flourishing Salvador 84 group on Flickr with some brilliant effects.

    Pablo Edwards

    What a brilliantly creative way to go about a Dali museum campaign. Admittedly, I never would have come up with this or anything remotely as great!

    moncler jacket doudoune

    Very, very nicely done!

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