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    October 07, 2010



    lovelyness. Bogusky was saying similar for a while, back when he was still involved.

    Games have players, not audiences. that's rad.

    I met Ralph a few times - inspiring guy.

    I miss you! Which, I realize, makes no sense.


    Daniel Goodall

    I will be using this quote when I try to explain how important games and gaming mechanics are becoming:

    "games are the dominant cultural narrative today, not books or films which were the narrative codes that advertising was built on."

    It will scare the shit out of a lot of people who feel like they are on top of things right now!


    You can learn so much with Game Design... I recommend this:

    and this:

    And if you dig... you will end up with things like this:


    Nice rec. Been re-diving into Fora as a result. Have a potential rec for you too... off line. 10,000 bonus points if you can send me an email before I bring the app live.

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