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    October 05, 2010


    Alastair Duncan

    I think the big idea was overtaken in about 1997 by the big execution...

    Martin Weigel

    Hi Gareth,

    I've been nodding along to your (in truth not so) little ideas. Especially being people powered.

    I'm not so sure on this one. Or at least I think this one needs a further definition of terms. Us adfolk have always clouded stuff with our language.

    Certainly big brand ideas (aka a sense of purpose) are far from dead.

    Though I think your point is that it's big executions that are dead.

    Or is it that more that singular executional ideas endlessly repeated are dead?

    It's an important point you're making. But I've seen it in the wrong hands and bastardized to mean anything big is dead. And that's like seeing a child run with scissors.


    So true. We make the ideas yet consumers make them big or small. Your "purpose" point is also a good one. The purpose is the brand strategy, no? Campaigns come and go, a powerful brand strategy is indelible.


    I think the caveat of the small ideas being held together by an overall purpose is key. You can't have a bunch of small ideas if they don't come together at some point for one bigger solution or goal.


    Great stuff, Gareth - as ever.

    Intrigued by the rash of "purpose" ideas discussions at the moment (or "purpose ideas" as we dubbed them nearly a decade ago!).

    Oh, I remember when folk thought that was up for grabs and anyone who suggested it...

    Keep up the good work

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