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    September 10, 2010


    Eva Hasson

    Sounds like an amazing experience!


    Gosh. What a fantastic idea. When I was at IPC, editors and other people a lot more creative and clever than me used to talk a lot about the 'pacing' of magazine content. They'd often have flatplans of whole issues laid out in a giant panorama on a big wall, even though with some of the IT and design systems that were introduced they didn't need to. It was the only way you'd get a sense of the pacing throughout a whole issue. Turning that kind of thinking into an event is a genius thought.

    malachy walsh

    How is it "performed"? Do tell.

    There's a group in SF called Word For Word which "performs" works of literature like plays, using every line from the story, as written.

    It has created some interesting and imaginative staging that you might be interested in.

    Pablo Edwards

    Sounds like a great time. Great stuff!

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