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    September 27, 2010


    Flow Bohl

    I couldn't agree more. Ideas and their executions depend heavily on the media channel as well as time and place. Lenght of copy shouldn't be the same for a billborad along a highway as in a newpaper ad ( the way nice book list on the left.

    Phil Adams

    I was going to start this comment with "I couldn't agree more" until I saw that the first commenter had nicked that line.

    I worked at BBH in the late 80's and early 90's when it was a full-service agency and before Motive was spun off as a media (in)dependent.

    I consider myself incredibly lucky to have learned my trade in an environment where media planning and creative idea origination worked hand in hand. Anyone who worked at the agency at the time will be able to point to several high profile campaigns that just wouldn't have happened without the addition of media thinking to the creative development process.

    It was a blessing to be able to watch and learn from the likes of Richard Eyre, Iain Jacob and Kevin Brown adding value to creative briefings/reviews and pitches.

    There is a significant gap in the education of account people and planners who, through no fault of their own, missed out on the days of creative/media full service.

    It would be great if the demands of doing the best possible interactive work led to a renaissance of this kind of full-service thinking.


    Looking forward to the next installments. Siloing teams never results in good work. Wrote something on that earlier this year too in regards to creative (




    Totally Ditto all comments above.
    Time to dust off that "Polygamous Marriage" deck Gareth?
    As a freelance planner, I work with content developers, media agencies, digital agencies, creative agencies and now PR agencies. It seems to work because I am not identified with a particular "silo".

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