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    June 05, 2010


    Paul H. Colman

    Congrats fella.


    Gareth, that is great news! Congratulations!

    Adam Ronich

    Delightful and deserving at the same time. Sometimes the planets do align.


    Congrats Gareth!

    And thanks for cueing us in on the GSP job hunt...

    Need to impress the jury :)


    Hey congrats Gareth!! Now I guess it's going to be twice as hard to carve out some time to catch up lol.

    Seriously, that's great news.

    Umar Ghumman

    Congratulations gareth!


    Congratulations Gareth! Well deserved.

    Libby Anderson

    Wow, that's great! Very exciting and fitting for the planner's favorite planner. Congrats :)

    Drew McLellan

    Gareth --

    Bravo!! Recognition and an opportunity well deserved!



    Rod Elms

    Are you wearing your Dad's jacket?


    super hearts! FX


    You're going to be the agony aunt at The Sun?

    Oh, it's being Mr Big at Goodby ... so the second best job in the World but that's still brilliant but also well deserved.

    Pablo Edwards

    Sounds like a killer day, for sure. I hope you have many more exciting ones ahead!

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