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    May 21, 2010


    Adam Ronich

    What a beautiful execution of a powerful concept. Point #2 drips with brilliance. Often what's missed in the copy-culture is that you have to inspire people to want to add to the story, or give them something to measure their efforts against. Get them to play instead of asking them to solve a problem for you. This video is almost like a brief for the external participation culture.

    W+K just gets it. This is about involving people, where the other Cup spot, the almost political one, was just about watching the games.

    So to your point Gareth, it starts something, and that's what I love about it. It's not about changing perception, selling a usp, it just has the agenda of being open. Treat the idea like a platform and let others build on it. The film is gorgeous, the idea is Marilyn Monroe.

    Side note: The US is going to own England in the opening game :)

    Paul H. Colman

    Thanks, Gareth and Adam.

    If you like the film, you wait until you see the rest of what we've got planned...


    Love the comment treat idea like a platform.Did anyone else observe that W+K tweeted officially presenting the advert today. Yesterday they just RT what people were saying about it.

    I mean what a powerful idea that within an hour of it coming out people have numerous personal interpretation of it.

    Josh Weiss

    good observations all. many sports leagues (e.g., NFL, NBA) have recently emphasized the "epic-ness" of their event as a central msg of their marketing, but the theme just doesn't get old. i do have to say that 1:55 is painful for me, as it reminds me that Ronaldinho likely isn't going to be in the Cup (ah, coach Dunga, how you taunt us...).


    Nice one Gareth, thanks. And Adam, no they're not :)

    Pablo Edwards

    Great campaign. Nike for sure hit this one out of the park. What a teaser for the World Cup!

    Phil Adams

    A dissenting voice.

    I think the Nike ad is the latest reworking of a now tired formula.


    Sean O'C

    Looks you're right and Nike do have more up their sleeve/sock.

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