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    April 18, 2010



    Really great stuff, Gareth. Thanks for sharing


    This presentation was really helpful and awesome.
    One of your best.
    I forget sometimes how inspiring your stuff is.

    See you this week...


    Paul H. Colman

    Very good.
    We (W+K) have got to pretty much exactly the same place (which is where Nike Grid came from).

    Mollie Partesotti

    awesome stuff, mr K.

    sorry i missed you, but was watching via the interwebs.

    Phil Adams

    Thank you.

    Loved the Peacock vs. Bower Bird analogy.

    Liked the point about Brand Coherency > Brand Consistency.

    The latter echoes a point made by John Cullen in his WGBH leaving speech - "Strive for the smallest number of constants and the largest number of variables."

    I've linked your presentation and his speech in this post -


    Thanks for sharing this.
    I remembered this presentation when going through your slides:

    It gives a games designer's perspective on the change of social and interactive media and what it means for games and real life. (basically, your slide 88)

    Emmanuel Vivier @

    Hello Gareth, great slides and insights, but the video seems to be protected... any chance to get access? Thanks in advance,

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