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    November 17, 2009



    Thanks for using three line colors in the graph that are almost indishtinguishable.


    i think you may be colorblind.


    Please feel free to tell the times


    I agree with your analysis and the graph shows what you are trying to say.

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    fundamentally, the music industry is flawed. bands should no longer want a record deal. promote yourself via social media, record music and sell it for cheap (or free downloads for band awareness) and play live like mad.


    really interesting data, although as someone whose other half makes a living from recorded music (and loathes how the labels have missed a trick at every opportunity to keep up with how the world works), I like to point out that the data doesn't quite tell the whole picture - doesn't change the point you make, but poss useful context:

    1) long tail: PRS revenue is now made up of millions of micropayments as online sites are registering

    2) the type of artists who are really benefiting from live revenues - apart from the long tail, a large chunk of the revenues are from the big pricey tours for established artists who already have a recorded music career, and who are most likely signed by one of the majors...

    Simon Pearce

    There's probably still money in distribution, just not using the current model. Myspace is arguably a profitable music distribution business, just nothing like Island Records. Also, it makes you wonder what's going to happen to TV revenues with companies like Blip.TV coming along ... (I don't have an answer there, I'm afraid)

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    I think this is awesome for musicians, you know, the people that actually do all the work and perform the music. Shouldn't they be able to collect a majority of the revenue. I think that the emergence of indie labels has been great for the industry. No longer can the huge labels control what the public listen to. Now the listeners have more control and are telling the labels what they want to hear.

    mark rukman

    very interesting pieces of data. the internet overcomes traditional distribution models, also it kills mediocrity quicker. we still need a record label in identifying and promoting talent, just not as much. and some bands, because they are really good, don't need a record label. you still need a record label to make a very good band, big time. there is a huge leap from 2,000 person venues, to selling out a football stadium. you still need labels for that. funny a lot of very good things can get pretty big with all that much help. to get really big you need to bring the experts to accelerate the growth, kinda like natural training will only get you so far, after a certain point you need steroids. just ask barry bonds

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    So, if you're business model is purely one of content distribution it's perhaps time to exit.

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    "1. It's the graph the music industry doesn't want you to see. It shows how artist revenues have actually increased in the era of file sharing while the revenue going to the industry has decreased. So, if you're business model is purely one of content distribution it's perhaps time to exit." Interesting find, still true today in 2010

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    So, if you're business model is purely one of content distribution it's perhaps time to exit.

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