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    August 03, 2009


    Gavin Heaton

    My friend Ian calls this "directed serendipity". The thing is, your experience is dictated by the people in your network. If you feel it is dumbing you down, it probably says something about you and the company that you keep ;)


    I am a huge champion of the internet and the positive impact it has had on society, never mind my life. There are seemingly few Luddites that would disagree with this. I do think, however, that there is real value in serendipity and randomness. With the advent of the semantic web, and as search is refined, is there not a worry that the randomness or serendipity of browsing or searching the web will decline? Can we safeguard of preserve this? Do we even want to?


    Absolutely! I have met so many interesting people online through my blog, flickr, youtube, myspace and twitter. But maybe that's just it: you have to be in it to win it. If all you use the net for is googling recipes and looking up the weather, you won't find what you're really looking for.


    agreed mate!

    i hate this recidivist reactionary let's rip off plato's phaedrus thing about writing making us dumb because we're scared of the internet nonsense ;)

    the internet creates meaningful coincidences


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