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    July 23, 2009



    That is absolutely brilliant, brilliant news ... our tennants have just moved out our house and I need someone to keep paying my mortgage for me.

    On behalf of my bank manager, I want to pass my heartfelt thanks to both Mr Goodby and Mr Silverstein for their brilliant decision.

    Oh, and congrats to you too Gareth - Modernista's [though they probably won't admit it] pain is most definitely Goodby's [though they do admit it] gain.

    fredrik sarnblad

    Congratulations Gareth! This is great news. And I second what Rob says in his last paragraph.

    Rob @ Cynic

    Fred is a parasite.


    Congratulations Gareth

    Please keep on inspiring your digital cousins in Mumbai...


    Rob, why wouldn't Modernista! admit it is a loss? Besides how could an Ad Agency admit it? Send out a press release? I can see it now: "Kay departs Modernista!, exclamation mark removed until further notice."

    Good luck, G, you've certainly bitten off a big challenge, I am really curious to see what you'll achieve with the Princes of California Street.


    Congrats and good luck :)


    Best of luck on the move and congratulations!


    Grats Gareth,

    Matt and Hamish are wicked smart, you'll enjoy them. It's truly quite a brilliant place, you'll fit in well.

    Have fun walking up that hill lol.

    Ryan Moede

    Big props on the new gig, and best of luck!

    Paul McEnany

    Congrats, man. That's friggin' awesome.

    Brett T. T. Macfarlane

    Congrats and welcome to the West Coast. You have some great new co-workers.

    Paul H. Colman

    Good news, old boy.

    Best of luck.

    Rob @ Cynic

    Yes Dustin, that's what they'll do, you got me bang-to-rights.

    adam wadsworth

    congratulations!!! i think it's a great move. dig has a good planner friend who works at goodby, matt herrmann. you'll love him. go you!

    nancy snow villa

    have a great time, Gareth! and best of luck.


    so fkn cool!
    congrats mate, looking forward to seeing what comes next!


    Congrats Gareth! Really happy for you, and all the very best!


    That's great news Gareth! Let's try and get together for a pint. Fellow Bay Area newbie here (well, 6 months) :)


    HIgh Five!

    Excellent news.

    Katie Fitzgerald

    Congrats Gareth! That's a great move! Enjoy San Fran!

    Chuck O'Connor

    Good luck to you Gareth.

    Be well.

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