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    March 01, 2009


    Katie Fitzgerald

    Grateful for these kind words. Once again, thank you for your time.


    Mark Avnet

    Really glad you made it down to meet our amazing students - and your schitck stuck a chord, so I hope you don't completely retire it.

    I'm looking forward to talking with you about some of the innovative work we're doing in the Brandcenter Creative Technology track.

    Thanks again for coming!


    Andrew LeVasseur

    Yes, Garret.

    Thanks for the visit and your perspective. It was great.

    As an Adjunct Professor in the Brandcenter Creative Technologist track, I get to witness the amazing talent of these students firsthand. I have knicknamed them "the new idea generation" b/c they not only have a firm perspective on culture, brands and customers, but also know what is technologically possible.

    - Andrew LeVasseur, Adjunct Brandcenter, Creative Technologist track


    Thanks for posting this Gareth! The line "A brand is a business' social manifestation" really struck a chord with me just now, because I think a lot of advertising folk tend to lose sight of the fact that the business is the reason that the brand exists. It's a nice reminder that the "brand" is something that exists because of what you actually do, not because of what you say you do.

    Sriram Venkitachalam

    Much thanks for recommending us. Thank you so much for coming down. I've framed and hung the transition chart on a wall in my head. Also, if this "thinking is getting old" and you're heading elsewhere, would love to get a hint of your direction.

    Thanks a lot


    Jason Oke

    A week late to this, but freakin' nice job, G. I know you've been doing this schtick for a while, but this is the best version yet - all that polishing has made for a really nice diamond.

    Hear you on the talk vs action, I've totally been feeling that recently too.


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