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    December 03, 2008


    Helge Tennø

    Excellent Gareth. I’m looking forward to reading the sequels.

    To suggest one of my own “fundamentals” it must be understanding that a lot of the fresh opportunities presented in digital aren't new ways of thinking about what to do about communication in Media Channels, but exploring how brands can add value inside a Communication Medium.

    A research report (here in Norway) stated that young people don’t view the Internet as a Media Channel, they view first and foremost as a Communication Medium. Where conversations and sharing between peers are far more frequent than consuming media (rich or text).

    Being a facilitator in a Communication Medium puts brands at the center of where culture is shared. And gives a different vantage point to positioning a brand and thinking about how to creatively communicate its ideas and values.

    At the same time this also demands a new set of tools and understanding on how to achieve this. As you write in the charts: “The future of advertising isn't messaging…”

    Thanks again for sharing :o)

    Tania Grønvald

    Dear Gareth

    Very interesting reading, thanks for sharing great stuff. Any chance that your presentation will be webcasted?


    Nice job - some great new examples

    lee maicon

    great stuff, gareth.

    the good news is it seems (as from all your great examples) that something is happening, it's just widely distributed and often more of a nice to have than major shift in how others are thinking.

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