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    August 15, 2008


    Mark Bean

    Don't forget the awesome


    that second point- about their ability in finding ad people on twitter- is really impressive. the tone of voice is dead on with the character. great stuff..


    The twitter accounts apparently were not staffed by AMC employees. Last night they served with a DMCA forcing them to suspend/delete @don_draper and some of his Mad Men Twitter friends.

    More on the complete story, the real person behind one of the Mad Men personalities and the resulting backlash that's ensued can be found on my site:

    They deleted @PeggyOlson however today a new twitter has sprung up going by @Peggy_Olson (with an underscore), same background/profile.

    She had this to say:
    "I worked hard. I did my job. But the boys at Twitter are just as churlish as the boys at Sterling Cooper. Such a pity that they're so petty."

    Interesting move on the part of AMC. I understand their desire to protect their brand, however they just killed what was a great example of fan-art.

    Eric Kogelschatz

    I must admit that I love following Don Draper. However, today Bill Bernbach and David Ogilvy are following me on Twitter. They are obviously integrated into the Mad Men dialogue as they do mention some of the characters from Mad Men. Now that's brilliant integration.

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