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    June 01, 2008


    west bremerton flowers

    i love this evolution of commercials!

    Paul H. Colman

    Hi Gareth,

    I can confirm that the whole process has been difficult, but hopefully worth doing.


    From the credits and word of mouth the live sky diving ad wasn't done by W&K - apparently it was 4Creative.
    The overall thought 'difficult is worth doing' is W&K though.


    paul - lovely to hear from you. how are you? keeping chipper i trust.
    rob - i think from what i have heard is 4creative /channel 4 approached wieden with an idea for a 3 minute ad and 4creative came up with the live execution of skydivers spelling honda when the skydiving idea was shared by wieden. anyway, a moot point. the good thing i think is this is a great case in collaboration between partners, a really important thing today.


    I think that part of what can make something like this successful is goodwill built up from good past work, which Honda has loads of in the UK.

    Kind of a different take on the idea of advertising being a marathon, not a sprint. The more good stuff you do, the more people are likely to give your new stuff a chance.


    couldn't agree more-I meant to weave that important point in. Thanks.


    Am i the only one who thought Honda's campaign showed why live advertising will probably never be more than a silly one off media-first. At least, that 'first' was had, relatively inoffensively, so perhaps we've got it out of our collective system already.

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