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    November 27, 2007


    richard huntington

    Actions speak louder than words but brand lines help us understand what actions are required of the brand. I'm all for them.


    I knew you'd respond to this. I'm all for them, just not sure if you need to have them outward facing.


    I've got to agree they don't work in isolation, but with lots of stuff adding meaning maybe they have a place. The sum of a lot of parts?


    And thankyou both, you've helped me make up my mind on something.

    Gavin Heaton

    Wish I had read this four weeks ago. Now that tag line I write feels retrograde.


    Any tag/brand line that serves to help brands stewards remember required actions falls into the camp of 'talking to yourself'. Consumers increasingly ignore brands who don't have a definitive POV - why waste time with inner-directed rah rah?

    Rob @ Cynic

    I totally think 'taglines' have a place - however they should always be the articulation of the underlying brand idea [not the ad idea] or it's a load of self-indulgent advertising bollocks.

    Lets remember our job is to impact and affect the masses ... and in my experience, the people who argue AGAINST taglines [or whatever you want to call them] tend to be individuals who focus on the 'look' rather than the 'meaning'.

    Could be just me though ...

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