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    October 30, 2007


    Randall Ringer

    "Positioning" was created for an era of :30 tv spots -- and it didn't work then. So it certainly won't work now in a richer, more diverse and two-way communication universe.

    My point is that Positioning is perhaps the most misguided idea in advertising, branding and marketing in the past 30 years.

    Great brands tell a great story. Advertising is one (but only one) of the vehicles for telling that story.




    I agree re positioning. My issue is really around telling vs. doing and that 'delivering' a message or story is what a brand should do.

    Randall Ringer

    Dear Gareth,

    We propose that a brand story is more like staging a play -- Living Theater in which the wall between the brand and the audience must be broken (the proverbial "fourth wall" in theater). That is why we've developed a structured approach called NarrativeBranding(R).

    Positioning presupposes "delivering" a message. Brand story presupposes the idea of "co-creation" in which meaning is co-created by the consumer.



    Rob Mortimer

    Absolutely. The idea that ads should be telling stories is spot on, whether they are "Stories" or just brand stories moulded into ads.

    To me that is one reason why John Webster created so many good ads. They had characters with stories which people really reacted to. Maybe not brand stories per se, but smaller characterised versions of those.

    But I agree with your provisos.

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