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    October 29, 2007



    I loved your last two points. I can't believe that brands spend 90% of their budgets on marketing!! Just made me think about (red) and how most of those marketing budgets could have moved into donating straight to the causes. Also, made me think about Method and how they are striving to a marketing budget of zero. Imagine how great brands would be if they spent that 90% on creating stuff that provides utility and delights to people.

    And I agree. Small things make a huge difference. That's why I love New Orleans. Yesterday, I was eating lunch with Josh and I looked out the window and saw a stop sign. Right underneath were the words, "hammer time". Ahhh, I love New Orleans!

    Rob @ Cynic

    Without this wishing to sound like some sort of love-in, these last few posts of yours have been stupendous.

    Normally I try to stay away from conferences of this sort but [1] I love Trumpet so anything they have a hand in HAS to be good [2] I think you're tops so anything YOU have a hand in HAS to be good [3] these posts prove it WAS a conference not to be missed.

    I know this is absolutely sycophantic but I don't care - I'm a tired old hack who has heard alot of posturing and posing in his time but this is the real deal and you can feel it! Hurrah!

    Steve Stokes

    Gareth, Great thinking! The UK's Battle of The Big Thinkers by the APG needs to go international - you would have walked it if you had presented this this year...

    Mark Earls

    Great stuff. Wish I'd been there, along for the ride!

    PS Don't think you should apologise for talking about what others have already done. Each time one of us ties the strands together into a narrative, something new or as yet unnoticed springs into view.

    Carry on!

    Rob Mortimer

    Excellent stuff.

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