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    September 22, 2007



    it seems as if you havent received my contribution :(

    still, thanks for your reviews, i have learned a lot from all the approaches and your critics. although i have already noticed a lot of weak points in my approach myself (no real target groups, lack of research, missing an unique strategic idea), would you mind to have a look on mine as well?

    you might either check your spam folder if my mail went all wrong or download my presentation from here (remove the blanks)

    http:// www . revealdesign . de / till_mrclean.pdf

    thanks again! :)


    Hi till
    That didn't come through, and I made sure to check spam folders. Why not drop me an email with your email address and we'll have a chat?


    Hi Gareth,
    Thank you so much for the comments. Yes it did help me a lot and sorry for my incomplete solution. I was really tied with work and hardly had time to sit back and do a proper thinking on it, which ofcourse is no excuse for such bad work.

    While I agree that changing the icon of Mr. Clean to Mr. Clean Jr will cost the company a bomb but I am sure it will draw attention of consumers. For years they have been seeing an old bald man standing with arms folded and just smiling. The idea was to make Mr. Clean look younger and secondly make him talk. What's the point in having an icon who doesn't help the brand move forward. So Mr. Clean Jr. can immediately become the talk of town without any doubt and it will also spark a a lot of talk in the era of Web 2.0. So the brand will manage to gain attention in the the most innovative manner. Art of Living is the second step towards higher order emotional benefits. Mr. Clean cannot restrict itself to only house cleaning (thats what the product delivers) but as a brand Mr. Clean can empower people of clean living - mind, body, soul.

    Do I have the option of re-working the same and sending it to you?



    is it possible to get some feedback on my entry. although as noted above the general thoughts are helpfull, I would like to know how I could have made my thinking better.


    Really good feedback. For some of us non-students too I think (are yo always one?)


    Really good, constructive comments Gareth. Really helped me out with something I was working on actually, so thank you :)

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