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    August 03, 2007


    marcus@the ides of march

    You hero. Just hope it works, otherwise Rob Campbell will break my neck.

    Cheers Gareth.


    be afraid of mr campbell. very afraid:)

    [ paul isakson ]

    Thanks for the mention, Gareth. Best wishes on the presentation at the AAAAs conference this week. Wish I could be there to see it.

    Rob @ Cynic

    I was going to say that Gareth had inadvertently 'let the cat out the bag' by saying Sacrum and Marcus were infact one and the same ... but given Marcus has come on here and basically said that [by not saying anything], this whole comment is pointless.


    Mind you, I do like the idea people should be 'afraid' of me given I was always the guy Mum's liked and friends felt could take their 'girlfriends' home without any fear of dodginess.

    Nice stinks ... I want people to be afraid.

    And Gareth - following my Mighty Midgit 'chat', I could be in NYC soon which means if you're there, I'd love to buy you more tea.

    Hope all is well ...


    yes, let me know. be great to see you

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