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    August 24, 2007


    Anitra Budd

    I'm in school right now, and I've focused most of my branding assignments on one local nonprofit. I feel like I'm getting much more out of my program than my classmates (who usually do their assignments on big corporations), mostly because I actually took my work to the nonprofit and got direct feedback and encouragement. Far as I'm concerned, anything that makes my schoolwork more "real" is fantastic, especially when it's helping organizations that really need it. Can't wait to start thinking about Idea Village!


    I think it's a great idea. I'm a begginer in copywriting and I enjoy every opportunity of thinking about new stuff. I will surely write about Idea Village on my blog and hope to get others in it. Something actually fantastic might come out of it! Thank you for your great and useful posts! They help me a lot! :-)

    Drew Neisser

    What a cool idea! We've been compiling cases of marketers wanting to do well by doing good over at for the last year--perhaps you'll find some inspiration for the New Orleans project there.

    Renegade ( will be devoting some time to this. If anybody wants to join us for a brainstorm or two, let me know.

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