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    August 30, 2007


    melissa walker

    Love it - sure you're aware of their show together in October - going to be amazing.

    ben butler

    agreed, however people are now waking up to the fact that they have been spoon-fed by the majors for years. just like other areas of commerce the web has empowered people to go out and explore. this is a good thing for indie artists and labels, it's easier to get their sound out and find their fans. However, as the music business becomes more and more "niche-ified", there will be less and less bands who really score successfully on a mass level. A cultural insight fueling this is that music is more and more becoming a statement of personal style (i.e. the personal playlist) for the average music consumer. era of the platinum and gold records is way over. every top selling album each month is less than the top selling record the month prior. won't change.


    music to my ears. like the way she writes as well - angry but with clarity and intelligence. i'm off to rediscover kristen hersh, tanya donnelly, belly - in fact the entire 4ad back catalogue...

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