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    August 18, 2007


    Roger Baxter

    Love this post, Gareth -- especially your first point. Funny isn't it, I've always felt the best planners constantly brought a refreshing clarity to the enterprise -- now planning itself is in need. And thanks so much for following up "is planning broken?" with thoughtful ideas. That question, left unanswered, is one our worst cliches.

    Mythili Chandrasekar

    A somewhat different point of view...

    Duncan James

    Great article. I think however the context should be wider, in Pollitt's/King's day ads drove the business. Now, they do not. Therefore the planner should be more a business planner, but then how does this type of person inspire work? Are they two skillsets? Having worked at Ingram, I can say yes, but there are solutions.

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