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    June 25, 2007


    Silvia C.

    What about discussing the challenges of going beyond "enhancing the briefing process with the voice of the customer", and beyond [just] inspiring the creatives to actually inspiring the client?

    Ideally brand strategy is driven by business strategy… and in that case, shouldn’t planners help their clients deliver on their brand promise, rather than [just] communicate it? After all, revenue is not only a function of traffic, but also conversion and transaction value…

    Shouldn’t planners assess the customer experience from both a communication and operations stand point? How much should planners tap into clients operational inefficiencies to help them pave the way to a successful communication campaign? How much should our hands get dirty in the business strategy? Some folks say this is way too much on the consulting side...How much is “too much”?

    I am attending the planning conference… and was hoping to hear more on this topic :-)


    Rob @ Cynic

    Our industry has an alarming ability to demonstrate its old school mentality.

    No wonder we're losing our edge when this sort of thing happens. It's like the fools who call the internet NEW MEDIA, like it only appeared last Tuesday week!


    good point rob. i sat on a panel a couple of years ago on the 'new creativity' which felt like rather odd as isn't creativity by its very nature new?


    To interject as the token media person - this is groundbreaking for the packaged goods category. I agree it's insane that the fact that this film was distributed via the web is considered new, but the packaged goods industry really is this far behind. Unilever took a risk - and my hope is that this will propel the category to stop looking at media buys from a reach/frequency/impression/cpm alone view.

    richard huntington

    The fact that it is a film category makes Cannes look distinctly up to the minute.

    It is time to kill the TV department and replace it with a film department.

    Afterall thats what Glue have done with Superglue

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