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    May 13, 2007


    Rob @ Cynic

    You survived Asia and got back in one piece ... hurrah!

    So great to see you mate, hope to do it again soon either on this side or on yours.

    Speak soon,


    Rob Mortimer

    I love Chinese Pork Buns, especially the white sticky ones you get with Dim Sum :D

    Love the door signs!

    Adrian Lai

    Looks like a fun time. I'm a Singaporean & I miss the hawker markets the most!


    Finally, you're back. I bought that pork bun when i was in SG. so delicious.


    Oakie ... you bought the same Pork Bun as Gareth ... I know Asia has a 'waste not, want not' mentality but that is ridiculous! [Sorry, stupid comment I know!]


    Rob, it's not stupid. Waste not, want not' is a good point.

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