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    February 21, 2007


    Rob @ Cynic

    Hi mate ... quickie, do they have to be in the US or are you open to people from overseas? Let me know as I may have someone you should meet ...

    Hope all is well.



    Hi Rob

    Depends on visa issues. I know the UK is a no at the moment as there are no visas, but I believe it differs by country. And there are exceptions to the rule..
    Drop me a note.

    By the way, may be over in Singapore in May if you are around

    Hope all well


    Rob @ Cynic

    Hi mate ... he's an Aussie and I know there's a special US visa for them as we employed a bunch of the dole bludging sods on them, ha!

    Let me ask him about his plans - he's good, really, really good - and if all is looking positive, I'll get him to email you directly.

    Hope to see you soon - be it in Singapore or [to be honest the more likely] in the US.



    Me, me, me


    I knew that US dual citizenship would come in handy one day

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