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    January 08, 2007



    True. And here is another thought. It could also be as a response to Time's Person of the Year (You). How glaringly obvious would it have been to not pick up on something that uber-mainstream Time magazine would have noticed? Would Ad Age picked consumers if the Agency of the Year award came out before Time's Person of the Year?

    Rob @ Cynic


    It's the easy way out and the brands that use this sort of message in their communication, rarely seem to demonstrate it in anything other than their ads.

    "It's All About You"
    "Your Fragrance. Your Rules"
    "Everything We Do, We Do It For You"

    No it isn't ... no it's not ... no you don't.

    alex w.

    Agree with all those comments. It's also arrogance on our part. We believe that people want to interact with [us and our] brands on OUR terms and in OUR media. they don't. no one thinks in terms of ads outside our indsutry. consumer-generated content is bullshit. yeah, the converse campaign from butler was great. but it was created by artists and folks trying to break into our industry, not by "consumers".

    James Cherkoff

    Surely, it's not a question of one or the other?


    It isn't james, but sometimes I feel you need to take the other side of the pendulum swing. I think - to adopt a Richard Huntington-ism - that we are tending to overestimate the importance of UGC in the short term and underestimate it in the long term. And I believe at the moment while there is some interesting content out there (often made, as Alex points out by people trying to 'break in' rather than everyday people) there is very little good user generated commercial content.

    James Cherkoff

    It's about bringing all the available tools together. CGM certainly isn't a silver bullet and there's a lot of hype at the mo' - but it is a real shift. When you say there is very little 'good' user generated content, it depends what you mean. Do you think this is 'good'?


    I mean good as in commercial James - I think this where we differ

    James Cherkoff

    No, I don't think we differ. My understanding of good is very much about the bottom line. A decent percentage of Google's astonishing financials are from attaching adverts to CGM.

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