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    December 18, 2006


    Noah Brier

    I love number five, very eloquent and exactly how I feel.

    Rob @ Cynic

    I will be really interested to see if someone does this ... given it goes against most cultural value systems [even in the West]

    Even with my ego I wouldn't feel comfortable talking about my secrets/short-comings without a formal, personalised invite - so I look forward to seeing who'll take your offer on.

    Oh, and I know I sent you an email, but Happy Christmas Gareth - hope to see you in '07


    Ok then Rob, I just tagged you on my blog. A little something to do when you get back from your computer black-out.


    Social experiments - love them.
    Have a great holidays rob and hopefully we'll meet in 07

    Rob @ Cynic

    Thanks [I think] Emily and I hope to see both of you in '07 - girlfriend permitting, ha!


    I've seen tagging before on xanga but never on typepad. Hilarious insights especially the WWE. The WWE and NASCAR are two uniquely American-isms that, I think, would only fly here.

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