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    November 18, 2006



    Frustrating really.

    At one level this is a great campaign.

    A decent, chunky problem has been identified - that some people are cutting down on coffee not because of the caffeine but because it is rough on your tum.

    And a reasonably compelling proposition framed - go ahead and have a second cup.

    I suspect it works both against people who have identified this problem with their coffee drinking and the vast majority that haven't but are suddenly given cause to think maybe there is somethign wrong with their coffee.

    But like Gandalf guiding Frodo to the edge of the Shire the planner obviously said to the team "this is as far as I go, fom now on you are on your own".

    Ghastly - and rather sad since there has been some promising folgers work recently.


    funny...the waiter in the ad is my ex-boyfriend....he sent me an email today pointing it out so I was googling for it...this is what came up!

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