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    October 02, 2006


    Noah Brier

    It really is amazing how common sense it all is. I said this in my interview, but the hardest thing to understand is why engagement is a revolutionary idea. It's scary to think that advertising has been around for this long and so many people are blown away by the idea we should engage people.

    Rob @ Cynic

    That's the point, it is common sense ... and too many people forget that because they seek validation on how important and clever they are. [or should I say, THINK they are!]

    OK, some common sense isn't exactly common sense [like why we are obsessed with our bloody mobile phones] but in the main, simple, interesting and charming will get you and your clients a very, very long way.

    Advertising is more about motivating mothers in Memphis than dining with Investment Bankers in London - and the sooner we realise that, the sooner our industry starts getting some value back.

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