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    October 05, 2006


    Picklin paul

    Hmmm, I find typed up ideas too sterile and complete. They look too finished and don't invite further comments and improvements.

    Lists of typed ideas also lack the energy of the moment of creation. I always find looking through typed up brainstorm notes a dissappointing experience.

    But how would you improve the process? I'd encourage them to use more images, draw pictures and handwrite ideas. Capturing an essence or feeling rather than develop an idea. I also get them out of their building taking pictures, filming things to capture a sense of environment.

    Rob @ Cynic

    No ...

    Ideas without relevance or resonance [for the consumer] are nothing more than mentalshite.

    Yeah ... I am sure some people will say the 'random type' process [Ha!] could 'trigger' other better, bigger ideas, but that is dependent on clever [or mad] people being in the audience because by that reckoning, you could just read a paper and say each word can inspire you too.


    Apparently Walmart didn't think it was working either. $570 million is moving to Draft-FCB in Chicago. Tough blow for GSD&M.

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