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    July 24, 2006



    You will need to tell me all about hot-dogs, anorexia, Kevin Federline and fistfighting. I am very intrigued. And while you may have burned your bridges at BBH, I'm sure doors will be open elsewhere (anywhere where they have an idea for a movie).
    Don't worry about the sarcasm - this blog has no reputation to tarnish.
    Thanks for posting from Miami - don't trade the award for rum based drinks.
    I'm going to add a technorati tag. Enjoy the next couple of days.

    Mansi Trivedi

    I think this is very interesting and I am looking forward for an everyday journal! :)


    I would love to hear more about Andrew Deitchman's talk, can you elaborate for those of us who couldn't make it?


    Andrew talked about an upcoming entreprenurial investment Mother is backing called Dogmatic.
    It's basically a gourmet hot-dog stand that has "revloutionized" hot-dog consumption: a roll is drilled into put on a warming rod, then sauce is put into the hole and finally a hot dog into the hole. A person eats the hot dog similar to eating a banana.

    Using this example, he managed to relate all kinds of trends and issues going on in the industry. With panache.


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