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    July 21, 2006


    Rob @ Cynic

    Did you ever see the football hooligan action figures they did? Magic.

    The thing I loved about Mother when I was there - was the 'us against them' attitude - so it is nice to see it coming back as they seem to have lost their way abit recently.

    I remember we did a ''Proud Supporter Of St George's Day' campaign when we first started cynic - giving away Swords, Mugs of Tea and even Welsh Flags [with instructions how to burn it] and what happens ... The Sun newspaper bloody call us racists, that's what. Our mates at Mother pissed themselves because they were getting away with far worse. Bastards!

    Rob @ Cynic

    Oh ... I'll try and get you a copy of the book 'Learn To Speak English, The English Way' - which we had made when we opened in the US.

    Another great example of how to piss off people with the minimum of effort!


    That book sounds funny. You're right, it did feel like Mother lost their way a little. But I sense they're getting back on track - new Boots work is good, and I'm intrigued to see the return of 'monkey' for PG Tips

    Rob @ Cynic

    Lets face it, the chimps should never of been taken from PG Tips in the first place - it's like taking Jerry from Tom, Onion from Cheese or mediocrity from British Car Manufacturing!

    Dustin Johnson

    It says that action figure is a football player but where are his helmet and pads? And, what happened to the ball?


    you're so american...sorry, i should have said soccer, that global sport played by millions, not 'football' in the american sense which should really be called handball (or american rugby)

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