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    April 18, 2006



    I don't know what to think about Jetta. It is great, it does stop you in your tracks. The first time I saw it the sound was off and it still hit me like a brick. But I wonder what the line is in terms of the safety claims VW can make. it almost seems kind dirty, seems to me 9 times out of 10 those kids die.

    I think CBP's real secret is not making great ads, but their unique ability to keep cranking shit out against sub-targets until something sticks. Given were the web is going that is the way to be.

    Kevin R.

    I just wonder how difficult it was to sell VW on showing their product being destroyed...



    Do you know any blogging planners at CPB? Like Kevin I'd like to know how a bunch of Germans bought these ads.


    I don't know any there. But let me see if I can get any one I know there to comment.

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