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    January 25, 2005


    Dwight Little

    Maybe I'm just humor-impaired, but I didn't think it was all that funny - just one joke stretched way too thin. In any event, I think we'd all be better served if people stopped kissing Crispin's ass all the time and did some great work of their own.


    I wish they had done more- it's not quite as funny as it probably could have been if they had "pushed the idea further". Geez, I sound like a CD. ;)


    I wish I could trackback! There's a little update on this mystery website here;
    "CP&B site spoof has nothing to do with CP&B"


    I wish I'd thought of that site. By I didn't. Sigh. Instead, I plan on creating an internet advertising empire called "Like Omnicom". Looking for "Like BBDO" or "Like DDB"? You could use Google OR you could just stop by "Like Omnicom". While you won't find "Like Cripin Porter" in the "Like Omnicom" network, don't think we at "Like Omnicom" won't keep trying to get 'em.


    looks like those guys have a new tv spot out mocking crispin porter again. this time it's making fun of the "wake up with the king" campaign. pretty funny!

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