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    January 14, 2005


    Pete Gagliardi

    I think you're right. 200MM for product placement? I'd like to see a paper done which makes sense out of break through creative ideas from a historical perspective. It's my belief that people's emotional reactions have been similiar to certain stimuli throught history. To study creativity and it's role in shaping opinion historically, gives us information that can be used by clients to cover their asses instead of copy testing and focus groups. Documenting reaction to creative ideas, pulling out that which is shared, and then making predictions upon that information can be used more effectively than spending 200MM on product placement. Or...I could be wrong.

    Harry Webber

    Consider this. At one time, advertisers were guaranteed category exclusivity in each spot pod. so if you were a car nameplate and they slotted in another car spot in your pod, you got a make good. Now it is not uncommon to see three and even four automotive spots in a row. All using the same over cranked base tracks, the same swish pan photography, the same blunt teardrop styling, shot on the same stretch of ( insert one) beach road, mountain drive, deserted city street. Once you get past the Beetle, every other VW looks like every other Nissan of Toyota. Exacty who should have their brains examined? The car companies left in the clutter to be TiVO'd or ignored for a potty break? Or the guys who got the eyeballs all to themselves? Crazy? Like a fox.

    Harry Webber

    the cod

    Moving off the :30 spot is a must these days. As Harry says, the advertisers are facing a lot of clutter and will be, in the near future completely TiVO'd (I like this verb).
    So some move to telling a story on the web (see: or to product placement. And, of course, other channels, such as direct marketing. I have noticed that quite a few budgets shift there.
    I have no idea for how long this deal is set up for, but if you calculate media spendings for :30 spots against probably (in total) minute-long exposures in films or television series, I guess this is a rather good deal. And it's not interrupting the story, instead it's part of it...

    the cod

    I have expanded a little on this topic at, if you're interested to discuss...

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