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    November 11, 2004



    That is too funny! Great find!


    That is too funny! Great find! It'd be the perfect holiday gift to adgrunts who skeet shoot and dislike Donny. ;)


    Thats a riot. Where did you find this thing? :))



    "Eat your spaghetti, and you'll see Donnie."


    It was found from a friend who used to work at Deutsch. It's a real thing produced when he was there. Any ex-Deutsh employees out there, you could probably make some money selling one on eBay


    I think it's part of an elaborate weightloss plan. I'd be likely to leave plenty on my plate.


    fyi... i was actually an employee of deutsch when this went down. it was done as a joke for an award donny was receiving from the 4 A's. he did not commission this for himself... it was something that a creative team dreamed up to coincide with a video during the award show. sorry, i know it's funnier to think the ego was the culprit...


    Chris theory was the best one.


    I believe I can disprove your theeory rachel. The suspect detail would be him recieving any type of advertising award.

    I still believe it's from the home collection.


    This is actually a ceremonial vessel. Every second Thursday in the Spring months Donny would select whichever media chick had the biggest tits at the time, place a knish on the platter, place the platter on the floor of his office and make her eat it with her hands tied behind her back.

    It was usually you, rachel.


    dab(itch) may have thought chris won, but then flinowitz upped the ante... Stay tuned for the race of wits at.....


    I thought that he would have been wearing that cool undersized t-shirt showing off his guns. Dude...Do you work out? You're hot.

    Harry Webber

    Gareth, thanks for the link to We are putting together a link list for next week and I'll be sure to return the favor. We love Modernista!As for Donny, did anyone ever tell him he selected a campaign that was lifted intact from the recruiting pitch for LAPD for his buddy, the Don?
    I can't wait for him to come to LA and get L.A.PeeD on. the rank and file are pissed.


    Is that Micky Rourke?

    Guy Smiley

    Icky Rourke is more like it. What's next? The Donny Deutsch special edition colostomy bag?


    It would be cool to see Donny do a Celebrity Boxing match. Fight Screech, that kid from Saved By The Bell. Or maybe even go toe to toe with his boyfriend Donald Trump. Or better yet...Gary Coleman. "This is what Willis was talkin about."

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