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    August 26, 2007



    This is a real toughie. Will surely give it a shot. yippee.

    Rob @ Cynic

    Ooooooh this is good, this is bloody good.

    If this doesn't make brains hurt, nothing will. :)



    Really interested in this assignment. Definitely going to give it a shot. On a tangent. I am new to the industry and have been devouring info sources on Account Planning. Would really like to get your point of view / tips etc.. I was in San Diego and saw your presentation on Seven Deadly Sins. Excellent btw. I am trying to convince my boss that they need to incorporate planning as they do not do so at present. If you have suggestions that would be great.




    Shoot me an email on the link on the blog and we'll arrange a time to chat. More than happy to try and help


    curious, can we propose changes to their existing products / product portfolio?

    gareth kay

    If you think that is the answer, yes. this is about making a recommendation on how the brand can grow volume share so if the argument supports this then please do.


    Damn good, makes my brain bleed thinking about this one


    good challenge gareth, i'm assuming anyone can have a crack?




    is there a chance that you review pdfs? i only got openoffices powerpoint-adaption and dont really feel comfortable with it.

    gareth kay

    absolutely fine

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