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    April 05, 2007


    Rob @ Cynic

    Hi mate ... bang on ... so many companies only look at insight interms of 'category/product' that they basically walk away from the potential of infiltrating society with a more meaningful connection.

    For me, TESCO's is not only the most brilliant company at engaging culture, but at being the most creative company in the World - and that comes from understanding 'people' not just their category/product habits.

    Robin Grant

    Sounds like database marketing to me. Don't let Richard H catch you saying that...

    Rob @ Cynic

    Robin - not sure if your comment was aimed at me, but if it was, let me assure it has absolutely NOTHING to do with DM - a discipline that claims one thing but in practise continually proves it doesn't live up to it.

    If you really don't know what I am talking about - feel free to email me and I'll happily explain it - but it's the future of branding/communications and something I am proud to have been associated with for quite a while.

    Of course if your comment WASN'T aimed at me, then apologies and feel free to slap me round the head.

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