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    April 03, 2006



    MTV constantly changes it up. They pumps out new shows all the time and have a variety of station and show promos that show offer a wide range of art direction. Their Overdrive broadband destination offers new content you can't find on their shows. Their MTV Movie and Music awards pride themselves on doing something new and innovative each time. (All in all, I think they do a good job of it - a good enouh job to influence how the Oscars conducts its show.) Even is constantly updating itself with new imagery, content and "Need to Know" musicians whose music you can download. Just a few points. The only thing i would knock them for is showing reruns of the Real World and The Gauntlet and Laguna Beach all the time. Other than that they stay pretty fresh.


    I would point to the Burger King work or GEICO. Both have several campaigns running at a time that have no rational, obvious connection from one execution to the next. But they all promote a similar image and voice from the company, convey the same BRAND message from ad to ad.


    Interesting examples. MTV is a difficult one for me - yes, they're fresh but I don't really understand their brand anymore. I think keeping things fresh is really important but it has to come from some similar conceptual startpoint(s) and I'm not sure this is always the case. Or am I just getting old? MTV2 however is a great example.

    Anand C

    I really like the Economist campaign. They stick with the same format, but each execution is so interesting and engaging. It keeps you in touch with the "new", but never lets you forget the brand. Check out this article:


    Really excited about this post - will follow up the blog you reference. Seems to run counter to most of the neuroscience related thinking on communications about low involvement processing and ruthless consistency. This is much more exciting. Particulalry because I want to create a new rationale for radicalism.

    P.S. The Economist work bores me rigid - interesting a decade ago now just a charicature of itself

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